A Belated St Patrick’s Night

March 19th 2016 Adderley Village Hall did it again. A great night was had by all with Guinness, Jamesons, Irish Cream, something for everyone to be sure. Take a look and see, you know you want to ahh go on, go on, go on.

 Community Singing led by The Dubliners ©

A BIG Thank You to Phil Gadd for organising, John Roycroft for his generous sponsoring of the auction and once again thank you to all of the amazing volunteers without which these evenings wouldn’t happen in the way that they do.

We Have Five More People Who “Know It”

On Wednesday night five more people were put through the CPR training at the village hall meaning that there are five more villagers who can competently use the de-fibrilator and save lives making Adderley a safer place for all.

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The recent inductees to the world of CPR (Call Push Rescue) are:

  • Paul Nash
  • Fiona Coulon
  • Dawn Evans
  • Andrew Swindale
  • Derek Cox

The Instructor was Anne Shepherd ably assisted by Marius Coulon.

Watch out for the next training session and become one of those who “Know IT”